Send your invoice asap

Don’t give your customer the opportunity to stall, both for his own and your sake. Or to put it another way, give your customer the oppurtinity to prioritize your invoice first. Avoid situations where another suppliers invoice was prioritized before yours and leave you with a lot of work sending the customer constant reminders.

Note: BeeBills has an exclusive function for sending automatic reminders to customers and if you’d like send it automatically to a collection agency if it is not paid after a certain period.

It is important that your customer gets the chance to respond to your invoice as soon as possible. He may be very busy that week or he may be going on vacation so he does not get a chance to pay your invoice right away. Give your customer the oppurtinity to tell you this right away so you avoid dispute and unneccesary conflict. A happy customer is a returning customer.

Your invoice should be sent as soon as possible, preferably as soon as the order is made or sent. This way you avoid alot of paper-work at once.

Distribute as much as possible electronically

Electronic distribution of both invoices and communication is key when talking about faster payouts. Sending an invoice by email instead of by regular mail could get you paid up to a week faster. Not only because of the shipping time itself, but also because when a company gets an invoice by paper it gets put in que because they have to scan and archive it into their accounting software.

Other reasons for sending an invoice by email instead of regular mail includes:

* Documentation – when sending via e-mail you have access to the exact time and date the invoice was sent and it is much easier to prove in case of a dispute.

* Free up time – obviously pushing a button that reads “send” is much easier than putting an invoice in an envelope, stamping it and walking it down to the post office.

Note: In BeeBills you can chose to either send a created invoice by email or saving it so

that you can print it out and send it by regular mail if you should want to.


Have a good system in place for order handling

Most customers will not pay an invoice before the goods / services are delivered and the order is processed, regardless of when the invoice was issued.

So whether you do it through your accounting software or through a CMS like Shopify or WooCommerce it is important that the order handling process is as automatic as possible to prevent further delays in order processing and you getting paid for your work / products.

Price transparacy

Before you send out the invoice to your customer make sure that the price is agreed upon and that the customer is informed about all taxes.

If you invoice by the hour it is very important that the customer approve the amount of hours worked and PPH (Price Per Hour).

Note: In BeeBills there is an exclusive function where you can send the hourly invoice for approval before the actual invoice is sent to the customer.