BeeBills – Terms of Service


BeeBills® (Registered Trademark of the Norwegian company Totalkapital AS, vat. Number: 994 830 848.), henceforth referred to as BeeBills. These terms are valid for the use of the services provided by BeeBills.

BeeBills delivers a web-based invoicing system.

Payments are made through the Paypal and Stripe payment solutions. Paypal and Stripe are trusted by BeeBills to deliver customers a safe payment solution, but BeeBills can not guarantee the services provided by a third-party.

When a trial is over, a subscription is completed and active when a payment has been processed by Paypal or Stripe.

After registration, the customers get access to the invoicing system without entering payment details, all its functions and features for one month. By the end of the first period (1 month free trial) the customer is asked to input his/her credit card details. All periods after this is automatically billed.

Should the customer not pay for the next period by the renewal date, the account associated with that plan may be deleted or suspended with or without notice and can be reactivated through your billing dashboard (My Account).

A purchase can not be refunded, with the following exception:

 – In the event of downtime or closure of BeeBills lasting for more than three days the customer is entitled to a refund of the downtime. This is valid only if the customer has informed BeeBills of the downtime and the three days are counted from the time BeeBills was informed.

As part of the service provided by BeeBills an unpaid invoice can also be sent to Debt Collection by Totalkapital & International Partners.


Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding these terms, you may contact us using the information below.
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Last Edited on 2018-06-12